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J.M.T. Plasp Pvt. Ltd.

J.M.T. Plasp Pvt. Ltd.J.M.T. Plasp Pvt. Ltd.J.M.T. Plasp Pvt. Ltd.

PVC Strip Curtain

PVC Strip CurtainHIMSTRIP® is a transparent soft PVC material having outstanding see-through qualities.

PP Corrugated Sheets

PP Corrugated SheetsThese sheets can easily be fabricated using paper board converting machines. Suitable for wide range of usages.

High Impact Polystyrene Sheets

High Impact Polystyrene SheetsThese contain a small amount of rubber which improves the materials impact and high temperature resistance.

PVC Foam Board

PVC Foam BoardHIMSTRIPS® Cold storage doors are now part of industrial screen.

Air Curtain

Himcurtz Air CurtainsRestricts entry of dust, smoke, insects, prevent loss of conditioned air from premises, hygiene in the premises.

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PVC Strip Curtain

The PVC Strip Curtain is offered under the brand name HIMSTRIP®. These PVC curtains are made from transparent and soft PVC material, which possess the see through quality. These curtains allows the delicate rays of sun to pass through but stops the hash ultra-violet rays from entering. The transparent strip curtains are designed keeping in mind the various industrial and commercial applications, which suits all the weather conditions.

These PVC curtain/ PVC strip doors are designed using light weight PVC Strip in following specifications:
- HIMSTRIP® PVC Industrial Strip Doors can adapt to any kind of traffic irrespective of the frequency due to its excellent flexibility and visibility. Hence it increases productivity and safety from collision at your work place.
PVC Strip Curtain
- HIMSTRIP® PVC Strip Doors helps in saving energy through temperature retention and control of heated or cooled airflow.
PVC Strip Curtain
- HIMSTRIP® PVC Doors are manufactured with rounded edges to protect passerby against sharp or blend edges.
PVC Strip Curtain
- HIMSTRIP® PVC Strip Curtain are self extinguishing material in normal atmospheric conditions, as it needs 23%-24% of oxygen to catch flame but normally atmosphere contains approx.
PVC Strip Curtain
- Reduces noise level up to 15 db depending upon the thickness of strips.
PVC Strip Curtain
- It is easy to clean HIMSTRIP® Industrial Strip Doors by using mild soap with water. For deep cleaning 5% ethanol mixed with 95% of water can be applied with soft cloth or sponge.
PVC Strip Curtain

PVC Strip Curtain (Standard Grade) HIMSTRIP®

PVC Strip Curtain (Standard Grade)
The standard grade PVC strip curtain is offered by us under the brand name HIMSTRIP. The curtains are made from soft and transparent PVC material that allows the light to pass but obstruct harmful ultraviolet rays from entering. These curtains are also used for designing the doors. The internal pedestrian doors are designed with small overlap and heavy industrial doors are designed with maximum overlap.

The strip curtains are available in different forms like dust curtain, strip curtain and PVC strip door curtains and are used in various industrial and commercial applications as per weather conditions.

PVC Strip Curtain (Welding Grade) HIMSTRIP®

PVC Strip Curtain Welding Grade
We are introducing welding grade PVC strip curtains that restrict the harmful welding light from entering into other area other than welding area. These curtains obstruct the path of harmful ultra-violet rays but allows see through the welding area.

These bronze welding strips allows two way vision with restriction of about 99% of UV transmission. The strips are used where visibility is required with safety.

PVC Strip Curtain (Freezer Grade) HIMSTRIP®

PVC Strip Curtain Freezer Grade
Cold Storage Doors :
The freezer grade strip curtains are able to prevent the heat loss about 75% when used on cold storage doors. These strip curtains saves energy by keeping the temperature right, when used in air-conditioned environment.

PVC Strip Curtain (Polar Grade) HIMSTRIP®

PVC Strip Curtain Polar Grade
Polar 'PU' Strips :
The polar grade PVC strip curtains or polar PU strips allows the area to be cool down to minus 40°C. These special strips assists in saving energy by keeping the temperature low of the refrigerated area.

PVC Strip Curtain (Anti Insect Grade) HIMSTRIP®

PVC Strip Curtain Anti Insect Grade
HIMSTRIP® Anti-Insect Strips:
The anti insect grade PVC strips are transparent and amber in color and helps in restricting the insects from entering the enclosed area.

PVC Strip Curtain (Anti Static Grade) HIMSTRIP®

PVC Strip Curtain Anti Static Grade
Anti Static Strips HIMSTRIP® :
The anti-static grade PVC strip curtains does not contain any static charge, hence is used in industries, where static charge can create any problem.

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